Day 3

Most people on The Master Cleanse Diet say day two and three are the worst of all days when it comes to urges and craving for food, particularly day three. This is the day mental preparations come in. By the fourth day, the body has adjusted to the new routine, and no longer expects meals, on the times it has been accustomed to getting. The stomach no longer needs to feel stuffed.

Most people fail on the 3rd day as they are not able to withstand the hunger. As a result, some cheated on the cleanse and end up having to start over again. It is very important for you to stay focus and determined to finish the cleanse

The third day may be the height of cravings, but it is not the same for detoxification. Most people attest to having headaches, runny noses, mild colds, and rashes on the fourth day. This is mainly due to the flushing out of toxins in the body. When toxins enter the body, we experience the same reactions, as mentioned above. These reactions take place, when our immune system detects contaminants in the body. Unfortunately, it’s the same case when the body flushes out these toxins.

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  1. Nina
    1027 days ago

    Day 3 apx 2:15 p.m. I did not ease in. Hunger pains more intense today and come on every 1.5 – 2 hrs like clockwork, but as soon as I drink a lemonade I feel better right away. I mostly miss food and the act of eating. I feel like I have no energy, kind of weak. I’m feeling cold a lot too. The red bumps on my inner forearm that came yesterday went away. But my upper lip on the right side started to swell up about an hour ago so I think I need to up my plain water intake.

    On the POSITIVE side, I started out 164 lbs and this morning I weighed in at 158 lbs. I am 5’10″. I have been doing light cardio since I started, mainly walking the hills by my house and I definitely think that’s helping me lose weight so fast. I’ve also been sitting in the sauna at my gym, I thought this would help with the expelling of toxins…

    I hope tomorrow is better, today is really hard for me. I cant even be around the smell of food and I’ve thought of cheating many times.

  2. Jojo
    1039 days ago

    Well it’s the end of day three I had a slight headache all day. But I didn’t let it stop me from doing the things I needed to do. I find I have to keep busy otherwise I will think about cooking or eating but it is getting a lot easier. I’ve lost 5 pounds since the start so that keeps me motivated. I have to put on a swimsuit in 10 days so that really keeps me motivated. So does reading all the post on this website. Thanks for all your help on to day 4

  3. Diona
    1622 days ago

    So day 3 is under my belt and I am still feeling very well. I have not been hungry at all and I am still struggling to be sure to at least drink my minimum of 6 glasses. I feel as if my body has adjusted to the lack of chewing and being stuffed. I am at the point where I would like to weigh myself and see where I am at right now but fear is keeping me from doing so. I am afraid that if I am discouraged my strength will falter. All and all I feel myself sleeping better, feeling better, and adjusting a lot better than I ever thought I would. I am worried about the next few days as it seems from the road map that the detoxification starts to wear on your body. However as far as cravings and temptation goes, all is well here on the close of day 3.

  4. 1stLadySweet
    1692 days ago

    Today is the beginning of day 3 and I feel great! Last night was extremely difficult for me. I was so tempted to give up because I was so hungry but I stood my ground. I can’t be more proud of myself for sticking with the Clense. I hope these hunger cravings ease up. I do all the cooking for my husband and children so… I know I have to work over time to stay focused. Looking forward to the end of this day and the beginning of day 4!

  5. Taipln
    1740 days ago

    I’m on day 3 of the MC and this is my second attempt (the first attempt I only lasted a day). I am feeling great, throughout the day I experience minor headaches however, at night the headaches are extreme. On the night of day 2 I had to give in and take one of my blood pressure meds to help with the high bp and extreme headache. I’m not sure if I could have survived another day on the MC if I hadn’t done so. Anyway, I feel so much more alert, active, and today’s shakes were only due to my underestimating the length of time I was going to be out and didn’t bring my juice…NEVER will I do that again. They smell of food made me SICK and all I wanted was a fresh drink of pure water and my lemonade….it can become addictive :-) I enjoy watching my transformation (-5lbs, so far). I only intend on being on the fast for another -5lbs loss so which ever comes sooner the 10 days or 10 lbs loss! Although I’m focusing on emotional, mental, better health, cleaner eating (raw diet) but I’ll take all the positives.
    One other thing I’ve noticed while on the cleanse…the cayenne pepper is far more enjoyable in liquid form. I hope to get another bottle cause the powder is gritty…but I like the spiciness but not the outcome! I also had less of a bowl movement today :( got used to eliminating the toxins and waste….hope tomorrow brings out more of the toxins! I am ready for change. Good Luck!

  6. chanel
    1742 days ago

    Not eating is a major triumph for me I’m so proud I’m on day three. Evenings are the hardest for me, that’s when I get cravings but they pass. I have no energy I want to go to the gym but I’m too weak I have a headache and I’m light headed but you could never tell w this big smile on my face! I drank a power aid zero to avoid dehydration its 102 degrees today and yesterday was hotter is that cheating? Hope not! All I know is I’m going to lose weight and be happy And healthy so I have a LETS GO! Mentality

  7. Ty
    1768 days ago

    I am going to finish day 3. I feel great all day long. I have so much energy today. There is a little cramp in my stomach but it’s under control. not crave like day 2. looking forward to day 4:)

  8. mm
    1786 days ago

    Hello!! so its day 3 for me! and I cheated big big big time! I had salad for dinner! YUCK! I know.. so I want to keep the diet going, so would tom b day 1 or day 3… am confused!

  9. Angelica B.
    1787 days ago

    It’s the beginning of day 3 and to start off on a good note, I’ve lost a significant amount of weight since day 1. Starting off at 163lbs, today I weigh in at 158. Feels good to hit the 50s. Must say it is very encouraging. Now for the not so great news; I’m craving every type of food I can think of under the sun, I smell EVERYTHING, especially food, went shopping yesterday and in the middle of the mall began to feel dizzy and light-headed, thank goodness I walked with my lemonade and after a couple sips I was back to feeling normal again. Got my son some McDonalds yesterday with the crispy chicken wrap and just my luck he wasn’t too hungry so there I was, stuck with a bag of Mcdies which would have been all for myself. BUT I stayed strong, how? I don’t know but I didn’t have not one bite. Tried the SWF yesterday for the first time. Lemme tell you, that was a first and last. Gagged the whole time, made me sick to my stomach. I think I’ll just stick to the tea which I had last night for the first time. Had horrible cramps that lasted from 2-5am and finally a BM at around 5:30am. Headaches are completely gone, let’s hope that last. But all in all I’m happy with what I see on the scale so on to the next day!

  10. Tee
    1790 days ago

    Day 3,
    Today was…strange. My eyes burned terribly, I had sore spots on certain parts of my thighs (weird) and the smell of food still made me feel queasy.

    Also, today was honestly the first day I considered cheating (even though I knew I wouldn’t). I made dinner and almost thought about licking the spoon, lol. But I didn’t and I’m glad. The way I see it, this process isn’t super difficult but it’s too much work for me to go through it and cheat. I figure if I’m going to do it, I’m doing it all the way.

    Tonight, I did get a bit hungry (which shocked me because this is the first time) so I had a serving of the lemonade with only a bit of the maple syrup and then two cups of water afterward; that staved off the attack.

    I’m optimistic about Day 4; keep chugging ahead, everyone :) !

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